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Rim Guard™ The Superior Tire Ballast
Rim Guard™ Advantage
Since the invention of rubber agricultural tractor tires, farmers have been adding ballast to their tractors to maximize their pulling power and to optimize balance and stability. That ballast comes in two forms: iron weights and liquid-filled tires.

Liquid ballast comes in many forms. Most types of liquid ballast have some limitation. They freeze. They're no heavier than water. They're toxic, corrosive or very expensive.

Rim Guard was developed and patented in 1998 as a liquid tire ballast that overcame all of the shortcomings of other liquid tire ballasts.
• Rim Guard is nearly 30% heavier than water.
• Rim Guard is non-corrosive
• Rim Guard is non-toxic and biodegradable
• Rim Guard is freeze-resistant down to -35F
• Rim Guard is cost effective because inner tubes are not needed & tires are easier to repair

Rim Guard is perfect for use with:
• Farm tractors (both modern and antique)
• Small tractors with front-end loaders
• Commercial back hoes, bobcats and all-terrain forklifts
• Road graders
• All types of lawn & garden tractors

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